Why Smash City

Yes, we do all of the songs most bands do – hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s & TODAY! We even do classic rock, jazz, funk and Motown. But, the question that’s probably on your mind is what makes us SO different?  Hmm…

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Smash City Live

“Ain’t No Party Like a Smash City Party!” That’s at least what most people say when we hit the stage. Now it’s your turn.  Join the party – SMASH CITY Live!

For a personalized viewing of the band, contact us to arrange an appointment.

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Contact Us

When not on tour, we want to bring the ALL PRO HITs SHOW to YOU! Want to learn how SMASH CITY can make your event the one everyone will be talking about for years to come? Contact us today!

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Smash City ROCKED THE HOUSE for our 20,000 guest San Francisco DreamForce Blockparty and we can't wait to have them back again!

- Hannah B., Event Manager, Zuora, Inc.

It's SmashTube!

Watch. Listen. Dance!